Children's Eye Service - Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale (HMR) Community

We are part of the Children’s Acute and Ongoing Needs Service (CAONS).

We look after children and young people who have problems with their eyesight, or cannot move their eyes properly.

We test for and treat 'turns', 'lazy eyes' and unusual eye movements. These are all conditions where the two eyes do not work together properly so the child has an eye that does not point the same way as the other one. This can result in sight loss.

We also test vision and see if glasses can help. The types of treatment we offer includes corrective lenses, eye exercises and eye patches.

It is very important that eye problems are treated early in life. By the time a child is eight years old, their vision is more or less fully developed. So, if they need treatment, they respond best when they are very young.

We are able to see babies from birth, as we have ways of testing the vision of children who have not yet learned to talk.

We visit schools and offer an eye test to every child when they start school. If you are a parent or caregiver of a four or five year old, who is in reception class, you will receive a letter about this visit.

We also see older children who are unable to attend a high street optician for eye tests.  This could be because they have complex needs, such as physical or learning difficulties, or a very complex eye condition.

We offer appointments at:

  • Nye Bevan House, Rochdale
  • Croft Shifa Centre, Rochdale
  • Phoenix Centre, Heywood
  • Durnford Street Clinic, Middleton
  • Littleborough health centre

We also visit special schools to see children with complex needs.

We accept referrals from any health professionals and from parents and carers.

If our service is not suitable for your child we will help you access the right service.  If you are unsure what service you need we are happy to have a chat with you and advise.

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