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The Maternity Teams at Northern Care Alliance would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy.  Becoming a parent is an exciting time and it is important that you get the right support, services, and care.  We are committed to offer you a high standard of maternity care and we can offer you a range of choices and services within the hospital, community, and home environment.

At the Northern Care Alliance, we provide care to women and birthing people who choose to birth at home, in our birth centre, the consultant led labour ward and for women who choose to birth operatively in our maternity theatres.

Choosing the best place to give birth

Home births – Community Midwifery

If you have enjoyed a straightforward pregnancy with no complications, you may decide to opt for a home birth with the assistance of one of our community midwives, who will be with you whilst you’re in labour. Many women prefer a home birth because they can feel more relaxed being in familiar surroundings and it doesn’t interrupt any day-to-day arrangements at home. If your labour is not progressing well, the midwife may make arrangements for you to come into hospital, but home births are generally very safe.

Birth Centre

The Royal Oldham Hospital has a great birth centre available, which offers a home from home experience for women and babies who are low risk, to promote active, natural labour and birth in a calm and relaxed environment. The philosophy of the birth centre is to provide the optimal environment to promote physiological labour, using low lighting, music, and twinkling ceiling lights. The midwives on the birth centre have many comfort measures to support you in labour. These are complimentary and medicinal therapies. Families can come to the birth centre to labour and birth and there is also an option to go home earlier.

Labour Ward

Our Labour Ward is available for women who may require more specialist care during their labour and birth period. Our Obstetric Consultants will be available to provide support for women who have been identified as having a higher obstetric or fetal risk during their pregnancy. They will receive dedicated care from our midwifery and obstetric teams during their labour and birth and our team will work with all women to support their birth choices and plans.

The labour ward features 11 birth rooms all ensuite, 2 High dependency rooms and a bereavement suite. The Labour ward is attached to Maternity Theatres and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We provide state of the art fetal monitoring throughout labour and we provide care along with midwives, maternity support workers, theatre nurses, anaesthetists, neonatologists and the NICU nursing team.

We support women and their families to choose the best place for them to have their baby. This could be at home, in our birth centre at Oldham or on our labour ward. 

Having your baby at home  

Are you considering having your baby at home? Research suggests that having your baby at home can increase your chances of having a normal birth and reduce the risks of interventions in birth, such as assisted birth or caesarean section and it reduces the need for medicinal pain relief (Birthplace study 2011). 

Our community midwives are experienced in homebirth and are able to support and care for you and your family during this time. There are no restrictions on your family and friends being present to support you and you will be in a relaxed and familiar environment.  Please speak to you community midwife to discuss your birth options.

Having your baby in a birth centre

The birth centre at The Royal Oldham Hospital provides a home from home experience for our parents who would like to come into hospital to birth in a non-medical environment. There are water birth facilities and our experienced midwives and maternity support workers will support you in labour with non-medicinal techniques, such as waterbirth, hypnobirthing, mobilisation, aromatherapy, and TENS machines. All rooms are en-suite and visiting for your birth partner is 24 hours a day.  We encourage a light diet throughout labour.

Having your baby on the labour ward

The labour ward cares for all women and birthing people who may have some medical or pregnancy complications, that require you and your baby to be monitored more closely. The labour ward has 11 birth rooms, a bereavement suite and two High dependency rooms where women receive enhanced medical care. We have 24 hour obstetric, and anaesthetic doctor cover and our experienced midwives will support your birth choices whilst monitoring you and your baby closely.  We can offer medical and non-medical forms of pain relief. Visiting is 24 hours a day for your birth partners, maximum number 2. The labour ward is attached to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Maternity theatres so if you or your baby require support from these areas we can transfer you quickly.

The birth centre and labour ward are open all the time and you can get in touch with either the birth centre or maternity triage for advice. Please attend with your support person and please bring your green notes. 

If you have contracted Coronavirus or have symptoms of Coronavirus please let the team know prior to attending. 

Contact details

Birth Centre - Tel: 0161 627 8259

Labour Ward - Tel: 0161 627 8255

Your hospital stay - practical information 

Visiting arrangements

The labour ward and birth centre have 24 hour visiting for two birth partners only, which has been restricted due to Covid.


The labour ward and birth centre can provide you with a hot meal 24 hours a day and have a full range of snacks.

Smoking – CURE Team support for in-patients

If you are a smoker when you come into hospital to give birth, our specialist CURE Tobacco Addiction Service can provide in-patient support to help you quit smoking and they can refer you for follow on support via your community pharmacist when you leave hospital. You can find out more about our CURE team on our website.

The birth centre and labour ward are situated on the first floor at The Royal Oldham hospital in the main hospital building.

Our address:

The Royal Oldham Hospital
Rochdale Road

We look forward to welcoming you and your partner to our maternity services.

It is important to contact a midwife early in your pregnancy so we can ensure you have all the correct information, advice and access to screening tests for you and your baby as early as possible.

As soon as you have confirmed your pregnancy, you can refer yourself to our services by:

  • Visiting your GP and requesting a referral.
  • Calling us on 0161 6278168. 

If you need assistance with your referral, please contact us by calling: 0161 6278168. You can also find out more about the referral process on the website

Patient Information Leaflets 

We have a range of patient information leaflets available on the following topics below. You can access this information via our NCA Patient Leaflet Library. These patient leaflets are also available via the Bounty app

Induction of labour

Breech presentation

Birth after caesarean section

The following websites are a good source of advice and information during your pregnancy:

Twins trust – supporting parents with multiple pregnancy

Dad matters

Rochdale and Oldham Maternity Voices Partnership 

Homestart (Oldham, Stockport and Tameside)

Oldham early attachment service

ICON - for advice about babies crying 

SANDS - Stillbirth and neonatal charity

NHS Choices

Follow us on social media 

You can follow our maternity teams on social media for useful tips and information. We have the following social media accounts: 










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