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If you, your midwife or GP feels that you have, or are at risk of getting, a medical problem during pregnancy, you will be referred to our obstetric clinic.

Our obstetric consultants and team are highly experienced health professionals, who will assess your medical history to see if your medical problem may affect your pregnancy, or if being pregnant could affect your condition. They will monitor and care for you to support your pregnancy and manage any health conditions. You may receive care during your pregnancy from both your midwife and your obstetrician, depending on your individual circumstances. Your maternity team will work closely with you to agree options around your pregnancy and birth plans.

You should also seek the advice or your midwife or GP if you feel that something isn’t right or you have any questions.

Call your midwife or maternity team immediately if:

  • Your baby is moving less than usual
  • You cannot feel your baby moving
  • There is a change to your baby's usual pattern of movements
  • You have any bleeding from your vagina
  • You're feeling very anxious or worried
  • You have a headache that does not go away
  • You get shortness of breath when resting or lying down
  • You cannot cope with your COVID-19 symptoms at home
  • Your temperature is raised
  • You have severe tiredness
  • You feel unsafe at any time

Do not wait until the next day or your next appointment – call immediately, even if it's the middle of the night.

Contact Us

If you are ringing due to pregnancy concerns and you have already registered your pregnancy, please call the antenatal assessment unit 0161 6278179. 

The main switchboard number for The Royal Oldham is 0161 624 0420. You can ring the switchboard and ask to be put through to one of our wards or departments.

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