Pennine Oxygen Service - Royal Oldham

Some patients with a lung disease such as COPD or Lung Fibrosis need home oxygen if their condition causes them to have low oxygen levels. The oxygen service assesses and reviews patients who require oxygen at home for a range of respiratory conditions. Our specialist service offers treatment and support to ensure patients can continue to live a normal life with their oxygen equipment.

Long Term Oxygen Assessment 

Ambulatory Oxygen Assessment 

You will be asked questions about your medical conditions and treatments. Please bring a recent list of medications with you.   The oxygen level  in your blood will be measured by a finger probe and, in some patients, further measurements may be obtained via a blood sample taken from your earlobe. 

 If a blood sample is required, a cream will be applied to your earlobe and any earrings will need to be removed. The cream is used to improve blood flow to the earlobe allowing the technician to get a blood sample more easily. Your ear may feel warmer and appear red for some time after the procedure. 

You will be informed of the test results and, depending on the stage of your assessment, you may be: 

• Discharged home 

• Given a repeat appointment for 4 weeks’ time 

• Placed on oxygen and have the blood test repeated in an hour 

• Sent for further tests such as an echocardiogram, which is a heart scan. 

Most visits are for less than half an hour but if you need oxygen you will need to stay longer, although this is usually no more than 2  hours.  If you are prescribed oxygen the clinician will discuss with you  various aspects of using home oxygen and you will have a chance to ask questions. It may be useful to bring a family member or carer with you. If the assessment shows there is no need for you to have oxygen at home the clinician will discuss other ways of controlling your breathlessness. 

The Pennine Oxygen service operates across Royal Oldham, Fairfield General, Rochdale Infirmary and North Manchester General.

Refer by online referral email: 

Pennine Oxygen Service - NMGH 0161 922 3175 

Oxygen Supplier – Baywater Healthcare’s clinician’s number on 01270 218050 

Pennine Lung Service (Oldham patients) - 0161 627 8522 

Acute Respiratory Assessment Service (North Manchester patients) - 0161 720 4709 

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