Maternity Services - How do I access advice and support?

Advice and support – how do I access advice and support? 

General Enquiries

If you have a general enquiry about any aspect of your pregnancy or maternity care, please contact your named community midwife. You will be given her contact details early in your pregnancy. Please allow a few days for her to respond as not all midwives work full time and they cannot respond to you whilst they are providing care for others.

Maternity Wards at Oldham

We’re here for you if you have any questions or concerns during your pregnancy. You can contact our community midwives at Oldham on 0161 6525811 and at Rochdale on 01706 517223.

Please note that if this line is unanswered, you may have to leave a message with your contact details and someone from the maternity team will call you back.

If you are ringing due to pregnancy concerns and you have already registered your pregnancy, please call the antenatal assessment unit 0161 6278179. 

Useful Contact Numbers

The main switchboard number for The Royal Oldham is 0161 624 0420. You can ring the switchboard and ask to be put through to one of our wards or departments.

F1 Ward (Antenatal)                           0161 778 5416

F2 Ward (Gynae Assessment)           0161 627 8855

F3 Ward (Antenatal Clinic)                 0161 627 8140

F5 Ward (Antenatal Ward)                 0161 656 1290

F6 Ward (Gynaecology)                     0161 656 1431/2

Birth Centre                                         0161 627 8259

CDU (Central Delivery Unit)               0161 627 8255

Maternity Assessment Unit                 0161 627 8855

Post Natal Ward                                 0161 627 8181

Neonatal Ward (SCBU)                      0161 627 8151

Maternity services in Rochdale

You can contact our community midwives at Rochdale on 01706 517223.

Maternity services in Bury 

Pregnant women and their families in Bury can choose to give birth at North Manchester General Hospital or Royal Bolton Hospital. Maternity services for North Manchester General Hospital are run by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and you can find out more information about their services by visiting the MFT website. For information about maternity services available at Royal Bolton Hospital, visit their website.

Maternity services in Salford

Pregnant women and their families in Salford can choose to give birth at Ingleside Birth Centre in Salford. This service is provided by Royal Bolton Hospital. Alternatively, women can choose to give birth at a hospital in Manchester. These services are provided by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. 


Dad Matters - Support for Dads or Dads-To-Be

Are you a dad or dad-to-be?

Want to be the best dad and partner you can? 

Dad Matters is a support organisation that aims to help dads with attachment and bonding, supporting the mental health of mums and dads, helping them to access appropriate services from labour, birth and beyond. 

You can find out more about the support they provide including targeted workshops and one-to-one support on their website at:

Dad Matters Flyer 

Dad Matters Leaflet 



NHS Smokefree Pregnancy Team Specialist Service at the NCA  

We are a comprehensive support and treatment service for tobacco addiction. We work within maternity care to ensure early identification and treatment of tobacco addiction with the aim of ensuring a smoke free pregnancy.

We provide free expert NHS advice and guidance for pregnant people and their families who want to become smokefree throughout the pregnancy and postnatal period.

Together, with timely provision of nicotine replacement therapy and expert advice from a tobacco addiction advisor, we can help our patients to have a greater chance of abstaining from tobacco and quitting for good. Support can be face to face appointment/ virtual by video on phone / telephone calls.

All NCA grounds are smoke-free. Women who are smokers on admission to hospital should be offered NRT within 30 minutes of admission. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team for advice and support regarding the appropriate NRT products to use.

Midwives should refer all women who are pregnant and smoking to our service at any gestation; the sooner the better.


The best was to make a referral is via our dedicated referral phone number - 07966240892.

If there is no answer, please leave a voicemail including the womans’ name, nhs number, telephone number, CO reading and your name and number. We can usually arrange an appointment within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can email the above details to:

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