What to do when you find out you're pregnant

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You now need to self-register with us if you wish to give birth to your baby at The Royal Oldham Hospital and receive antenatal maternity care at either Oldham or Rochdale.  

Follow the link below to register your pregnancy. You will be asked to answer a few questions regarding your health and lifestyle.   

Self Refer your pregnancy with the NCA  

If you wish to birth your baby at another Trust such as St Mary’s or North Manchester Hospital, please do not register your pregnancy with the NCA.  

Oldham and Rochdale maternity services are now using electronic maternity records, called Badger Notes. This system has replaced our paper notes. There are a number of benefits to using Badger Notes and going digital including:   

  • Information can be shared with you directly from the maternity system  

  • Records can be easily updated at each maternity visit or appointment  

  • Midwives do not duplicate on the information we hold as it is digital and easy to access for all

  • You can access your information using the app Badger Notes   

What to expect at your first midwife appointment   

Once you have registered your pregnancy, we will contact you to arrange your first midwife (booking) appointment. You will be given access to the Badger Notes app and asked to fill out a pre-booking questionnaire that will provide your midwife with essential information for your appointments.   

If you have not heard from us after 14 days, please get in touch. 

Oldham: 0161 652 5811  

Rochdale: 01706 517223   

Your first midwife appointment will be before you are 10 weeks pregnant. This allows us to offer you testing that is required to be done before you reach this milestone. Please follow this link for information regarding screening tests you will be offered during pregnancy 

Screening tests for you and your baby 

Interpreter Services   

If you don’t speak English and you need to access an interpreter, please let us know and we can arrange assistance for you.   

Your appointment    

Your first appointment usually takes around 1.5 hours. Your midwife will ask you a range of questions to help determine the care that you need during your pregnancy. This may include questions around your physical and mental health, previous pregnancy history, social history and any additional support you may need. This is your chance to discuss anything that might affect your pregnancy with your midwife.   

Health checks   

Your midwife might also perform some basic health checks like taking your weight & height, measuring your blood pressure or take routine blood tests to check for things like HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis B.   

Your midwife will also be able to answer any questions you have around your pregnancy and advise on a range of things like diet, exercise, antenatal classes, options for where to have your baby and tests and scans you’ll be offered during your pregnancy.   

Your maternity notes    

By the end of your first appointment, you should have access to your electronic maternity record via an app or website called Badger Notes. These notes are a record of your care, appointments and test results in pregnancy. You will be given useful phone numbers, for example your maternity unit and midwifery team.   

If you require assistance with registering your pregnancy, please speak with your midwife.   



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