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Northern Care Alliance NHS Group

From April 2016, Salford Royal provided leadership and operational support to The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (which currently runs The Royal Oldham Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital in Bury and Rochdale Infirmary following its CQC Inspection in February 2016.

This arrangement was formalised under a management agreement in April 2017, and paved the way for the establishment of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group. From the 1st April 2017, the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (NCA) was launched, bringing together over 17,000 staff, 2000 beds and serving a population of over 1 million. 

With an operating budget of £1.3bn, our new Alliance provides the benefits of scale but delivers this locally through multiple hospital sites and local healthcare services. Three Care Organisations for Oldham, Bury/Rochdale and Salford are responsible for delivering safe, high quality and reliable care to the local communities they serve.

Committees in Common

From 1 April 2017, the Trust Boards of both Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust delegated their functions to a Group “Committees in Common”.

While the two Trusts currently remain two statutory bodies, the Group Committees in Common (CiC) effectively manages both Trusts under the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group. View our Committees in Common

Which hospitals and services are part of the Alliance?

The NCA Group provides a range of healthcare services including four hospitals and associated community services - Salford Royal, The Royal Oldham Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital in Bury and Rochdale Infirmary

Why was the Group set up?

This Group is being developed to fully align and be consistent with the priorities of the strategic themes of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.  It will develop new ways of working that will ensure patients receive consistently high standards of care.

The function of the Group is to support its Care Organisations in the following areas;

  • Developing Service Strategy
  • Agreeing new/replacement building and equipment
  • Agreeing annual operational delivery plans
  • Developing a standardised operating model which determines best care on the basis of evidence of best practice
  • Organising this standardised care to be delivered effectively across multiple sites and locations.

Together as a Group of local healthcare providers we will be one of the largest NHS organisations in the country. Together we will serve a population of over 1 million people across our local communities. The Northern Care Alliance is governed by a Committees in Common (CiC) where both NHS Trusts have devolved it decision making. The Alliance is chaired by Mr Jim Potter and led by Group Chief Executive, Raj Jain and his Executive Team.

Our Care Organisations

Our four Care Organisations are; Salford, Oldham, Bury/Rochdale and North Manchester. To enable the safe delivery of high quality care at scale, a leadership team of directors will have clear accountability and authority to govern each Care Organisation.  The new leadership team will ensure healthcare services are clinically and financially sustainable across a number of localities. This will mean that patients, no matter where they are treated in Group, will experience personalised care that is based on need and high standards of care are consistent.

Each Care Organisation now consists of a Medical Director, a Director of Nursing, Managing Director, and a Finance Director. Together they will manage and be responsible for the day to day running of the hospitals and community services of a Care Organisation. One of the four members of each leadership team will be appointed as the Chief Officer.

Whilst our Care Organisations provide hospital care, they play a much broader role in each locality and are supporting the establishment of new integrated models of care. We are working closely with our partners to develop Integrated Care Organisations (ICOs) to join together health and care services and shift more care into a community setting. Within Salford we have established our first Integrated Care Organisation, with the Salford Royal acting as the ‘lead provider’.

The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group is strongly placed to support the development of emerging ICOs across the wider conurbation, through a partnership model with other health and social care providers. 



Our Corporate Priorities for 2019/20 are:

  1. Pursue Quality Improvement to assure safe, reliable and compassionate care.
  2. Improve care and services through partnership, integration and collaboration
  3. Deliver the financial plan to assure sustainability
  4. Support our staff to deliver high performance and continuous improvement
  5. Deliver Operational Excellence
  6. Deliver our NCA clinical service strategy and NCA enabling strategies
  7. Deliver excellence in research and education programmes

Each priority has a number of associated objectives and outcomes which form the framework of the NCA Plan. Each Care Organisation has developed their own annual business plan within this framework to achieve their objectives.

The priorities for each care Organisation can be download below and are available for staff in poster format and displayed across each Care Organisation.

NCA Group Values

Our Values for the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group that binds us all together across our four Care Organisations are:

Our Services will be

Highly Reliable - Delivering high quality services whatever the day of the week or hour of the day through standardising care to the evidence of best practice.

At Scale - Creating benefits through economies of scale which results from a 'shared hospital service' across the Group, and enabling the development of local integrated services closer to home.

Trusted - Providing safe, effective and compassionate services by our people who are highly motivated, well led and believe in the values of the NHS.

Connected - Connecting all parts of the health and social care system so that they deliver better care to people, in their neighbourhood, which meets their needs.

Pioneering - Continuously innovating and improving services, with a particular focus on new digital solutions to improve care and patient experience.

Value for Money - Supporting staff to identify opportunities for productivity and efficiency so that the taxpayer is getting best value.

Future of North Manchester General Hospital

From 1st April, 2020, North Manchester General Hospital joined Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) group through a Management Agreement.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) is one of the largest acute Trusts in the UK, employing over 20,000 staff. It was formed on 1st October, 2017, and since then has been responsible for running a family of hospitals across several separate sites, providing a wide range of services from comprehensive local general hospital care through to highly specialised regional and national services. North Manchester General Hospital is the tenth hospital to join the group.