Patient Experience Team

The Patient Experience Team brings together a wide variety of feedback from our patients, their relatives and carers which we then use to improve your services.

We work with staff across the hospital to help them encourage their patients and visitors to give us valuable feedback that we can use to continuously improve. 

We collect feedback in the following ways

  • Friends and Family Test
  • National surveys
  • Lived experience/Patient stories
  • Post comments on NHS website
  • Feedback through advocacy groups, such as local Healthwatch organisations
  • If you would like to send us feedback about your experience at Northern Care Alliance, you can email
  • Telephone our PALS team on 0161 778 5665 or email

By bringing together all of this feedback we can identify areas where our procedures or services can be improved.

Northern Care Alliance Experience Plan

The patient and service user experience team worked with patients, service users, carers and staff to develop our NCA Experience Plan. A wide variety of engagement events were held as well as scoping national and local feedback to discover ‘what matters most’ to our patients, service users and staff.  The insights from this thorough engagement work informed our experience plan, and the feedback led us coproducing the 8 principles of person-centred care.  The plan is shaped around a series of ‘I’ and ‘We’ statements to help demonstrate how staff can deliver person-centred care, support, and treatment.  Alongside the NCA Experience Plan, we developed six key themes which staff are recommended to adopt to drive improvements forward.

Patient Experience Plan 

The new NCA Patient & Service User Experience Strategy

The NCA patient/service user experience strategy has been refreshed to ensure it focuses on the delivery of great person-centred care, treatment, and support. 

It is essential that service user voice remained at the heart of this, allowing us to understand what matters most so we can shape our future services, and therefore survey responses to the following questions have been incorporated into the refresh:

  1. Thinking about care delivered by hospital or community staff, please name up to three things that are most important to you about the care that is being provided?
  2. If we could improve one thing in hospital / community, what would it be?

Access the strategy here:

If you have any other thoughts you want to share with us around the strategy, please drop us an email at

Key Staff

Assistant Director for Patient / Service User Experience
Julie Cheney –

Head of Patient / Service User Experience
Trudy Taylor –
Tracy Shaw -

Deputy Head of Patient & Service User Experience
Julie Dawson -
Jon Jones -

Patient Experience Coordinator
Laura Watson-

Patient & Service User Experience Assistant Coordinator
Sophia Straker -

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