GP & Partners

The provision of health services that are of a high standard relies on the partnerships between staff at our hospitals and other healthcare professionals and GPs working in the wider community.

If you are a GP or other health professional working in Salford, Oldham, Rochdale or Bury, you can find information about all of the services we provide, and where they are located, in our A-Z directory of services. Department managers will be pleased to help answer any enquiries you may have about people in your care being able to access the services we provide.

Developments in the type of care we provide, and the locations at which our services are delivered, are reported in various publications issued by the Trust. This includes Annual Reports and Quality Accounts. The About Us section of this website also provides information about our hospitals, services, standards and procedures and organisational objectives.

If there are any resources which are not listed here, or elsewhere on the site, please contact us on

To search for clinical departments acrtoss the NCA - please use the Our Services search functionality.

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