Optician services

You’ll find a number of different eyecare professionals at your local opticians (also known as optometrists).

They are all eye experts and are there to help keep your eyes healthy. They can also make sure you have the right glasses or contact lenses, if you need them.

You should have an eye test at least every two years, even if you don’t wear glasses. An eye test can help to spot problems or conditions like glaucoma or cataracts earlier.

Greater Manchester’s Urgent Eyecare Service

This service is suitable for patients experiencing a range of recently occurring conditions such as a sudden loss of vision, red or painful eyes or eyelids, flashes and floaters or a foreign body in the eye.

The service is available to anyone registered with a Greater Manchester GP practice and aims to deliver quick community-based assessments and treatment from local optician teams and can avoid a GP visit or attending a hospital A&E department.

The service is available throughout the week and, in some places, at weekends and evenings.  Always call first as this is not a walk-in service.

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