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Our membership is made up of patients, families and local residents with an interest in the Trust and the services we provide.  It also includes our staff and representatives from partner organisations in the local area.

We are keen that our membership is representative of the wide range of people who we care for, who work for us, and who live in the communities we serve.

It is free to become a member, how much you choose to take part is up to you, including any or all of the following:

  • Receive emails from us including event invitations and our magazine The Loop
  • Vote for someone to represent you on our Council of Governors
  • Attend events, focus groups or governor meetings
  • Stand as a governor 

If you wish to become a member, please complete the membership application form here – and to help reduce our costs, please indicate that we can email you rather than post.

Members Events, Engagement and Annual Meetings

We aim to advertise opportunities regularly to our members, however during the Covid 19 emergency this was not possible.  In 2021 we are hosting online events until we can meet safely in person again.  Please check back on this page to see our upcoming events, or join here to become a member as members hear about these opportunities first via email.

Annual Members Meeting

Our 2021 Annual Members meeting will be held on Thursday 11th November from 5pm till 6:30pm via Microsoft Teams.   Invitations will be sent out to our members a month in advance, if you are not already a member – please join our membership on this link.

Minutes from the previous meeting can be found here

If you missed the AMM in 2020, you can view it here.

Our Council of Governors is made up of 15 public and 8 staff governors that have been elected by fellow NCA members.  We also have 6 Appointed Governors who represent the Local Authorities and Universities in Greater Manchester

. ​The CoG meet throughout the year to discuss matters including quality of care, finances and engagement.  Our Governors seek assurance from the Board and Non-Executive Directors at quarterly meetings. 

  Governor responsibilities include:

  • Being involved in the recruitment and appointment of Non-Executive Directors, including the Chair
  • To decide the remunerations and allowances, and the other terms and conditions of office, of the Non-Executive Directors
  • To appoint or remove the External Auditor
  • To be presented with the annual accounts, annual report and any report of the financial auditor
  • In preparing the annual plan, the directors shall have regard to the view of the Council of Governors
  • To hold non-executive directors to account for performance of the board
  • To represent the interests of members and the public

If you have any queries about the role of our Council of Governors, please contact the membership team on or you may wish to read our news on Governor Elections below.

Meet the Governors

If you wish to contact your governor to discuss your feedback, please email the membership team on


The Council of Governor meetings are being held via Microsoft Teams and are open for the public to observe.  Dates for this year include:

  • Council of Governors Meeting 18/06/21 from 10am till 12:30pm
  • Extraordinary COG Meeting 22/07/21 from 9am till 11am
  • Council of Governors Meeting 17/09/21 from 10am till 11am 
  • Council of Governors Meeting 09/11/2021 from 10am till 12:30pm
  • Council of Governors Meeting 21/01/2022 from 12 noon till 2:30pm

If you would like to observe a forthcoming virtual Council of Governor meeting, please register your interest at least two working days before each meeting, by emailing  (providing your name, role and email address) and we will reply with the protocol document for you to adhere to.

On the day of the meeting, the MS Teams link will be shared via email with those who have registered an interest in attending to observe.  As always, there will not be the opportunity for interaction or questions from observers and we ask the protocol in place is adhered to.

If you have any queries regarding the Council of Governors meetings please email the Membership Team: 

Papers from previous Council of Governors meetings are displayed below.

We are not currently holding governor elections. Next elections will be held in Winter 2021.  If you have further queries about the role of a governor, or wish to discuss nominating yourself, please contact our team on


To access the Governor Portal, please use the link below and enter the password you have been provided with.

Governor Portal

If you have forgotten the password, please contact us at

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