NCA Digital

  Enhanced care driven by digital innovation

Northern Care Alliance Digital aims to use digital technology and data to help deliver exceptional care.

Recognising the key role of digital in supporting and enhancing patient care, we're introducing innovative ways of working using new digital systems to make improvements.

We're using digital to empower our patients, as well as help our staff deliver the right outcomes for patients, in the right way.


Driving digital maturity and empowering patients

A number of new digital projects are driving our digital maturity and improving standards.

We're focusing on the user experience and userbility of our systems and building platforms to empower our patients.

We believe in engaging with and empowering patients in their own health and healthcare while treating their data with respect.


Our Digital Plans

Our videos

Dementia & Delirium support

Digital Renal services

Apps and wearables

Accessibility tools

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