Accessing your appointment through the NHS App

26 September 2023


Northern Care Alliance has joined the growing number of NHS Trusts and GP practices allowing patients to access their appointments and referrals electronically through the NHS App.

The new service, which is completely free, links your hospital information in the App, allowing you to view your hospital outpatient appointment letters and appointment details. It will be rolled out for patients and service users at all our hospital sites and community clinics from October 2023.

This new functionality is being brought together to provide patients with a single place where they can manage their hospital appointments, GP appointments, vaccination records and prescriptions through a single NHS App.

The new NHS App features include:

  • view appointments in one place
  • single point of contact for appointments
  • supporting information for appointments
  • book, change and cancel appointments (applicable for NHS Trusts who have this functionality enabled via their portal provider)
  • receive notifications and messages
  • sign up for updates about participating in health research
  • access documents
  • complete questionnaires

Who can use the NHS App

Anyone aged 13 or over and who is registered with a GP practice in England, or the Isle of Man can use it.

How do I download the App

You can download the NHS App on an iOS or Android device through the App store or Google Play. You can also access the same services by logging in through the NHS website in a web browser.

This new appointment service for the NHS App will not replace traditional appointment letters, which will still be sent by post unless patients have opted to just receive SMS or digital letters. 

For further help getting started with the NHS App, please visit the NHS website

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