Essential drainage connection works at Pennine Square from 20 June

20 June 2022

Patients, visitors and staff are being advised about drainage connection works at Pennine Square on The Royal Oldham Hospital site, which may cause some disruption from 20 June. 

Essential drainage connection works will take place in Pennine Square from 30 June for approximately 5-6 weeks. These essential works are required to connect the drains from the new Phase 4a development to the general drainage system. The works will start with fencing being erected around the affected area followed by 5-6 weeks of construction works. The first two weeks of these works will concentrate on the formation of the manhole chambers at the entrance of the square and the site compound and will reduce back weekly thereafter. 

The proposed working area is shown here below: 

Pennine Square - Reduced Area During Construction Works - June 2022.jpg









Pedestrian access will still be maintained to Block 74 Admin offices during these works. Ambulances and vehicles will still be able to gain access to Pennine Square to drop off patients, but the roadway will be reduced down to 4.7m. 

If you have any queries about access during these construction works, please contact Dave Townsend from the Estates and Facilities team at:

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