Free access to the Anya App to support infant feeding

14 June 2024

Every new parent in Greater Manchester can now get free access to an innovative app which will give them 24/7 expert support and guidance with infant feeding from the comfort of their own home.

Called Anya, the app offers a range of interactive 3D animations to show women and birthing people how they can best position and attach their baby to breastfeed.

Parents can also access evidence-based support through Anya AI, the app’s virtual supporter, and they can speak to a healthcare specialist directly if they need more help.

The premium version of the app, which is being supported by NHS Greater Manchester, is available to parents expecting a child who live in a Greater Manchester and eastern Cheshire postcode, and up to three months after the birth. Some features on the app are free to use, but premium access will allow people to use all the support tools.

This has been funded thanks to the collaboration between the Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Local Maternity and Neonatal System (LMNS) and Anya.

Feedback on the app

One new mum outside the city region who has already used the app, Mandy, from Preston, said: “I have found the Anya AI assistant incredibly helpful in terms of understanding recovery, and the 3D models have given me a really clear idea of how to ensure a good latch in various positions which has made me feel more confident about breast feeding.”

Eileen Stringer, clinical lead midwife for the Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Strategic Clinical Networks (GMEC SCNs), said: “The app will act like a friendly midwife at home, answering questions and using the latest research and evidence to help them.

“We hope thousands of women will find this app really useful and help to reduce the stress of breastfeeding, especially if it isn’t working out initially.”

Emilie House, client success lead at Anya, said: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Greater Manchester and eastern Cheshire teams, and to support families across the region.”

Download the app.

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