Introducing Maggie Kufeldt, Salford Care Organisation’s new Director of Adult Social Care and Health Partnerships

21 March 2023

Salford Care Organisation is pleased to welcome Maggie Kufeldt, Director of Adult Social Care and Health Partnerships to our executive team. In this unique role, Maggie will split her time between Salford Care Organisation, Salford City Council and Public Health in Salford and will support Adult Social Care services, Housing and Homeless services and Public Health services.

On her first two months in her new role, Maggie had this to say,

“I feel like I’m getting a really good understanding of the place and the people. My first impressions are of committed workforce who want to make a difference to the people of Salford but who are under pressure because of rising demands and vacancies and gaps in our Social Care Workforce.

“I’m also aware of some of the frustrations around having the ‘right tools for the job’ including access to technology, data and intelligence and what is perceived to be a lack of visibility and direction from Senior Leadership.”

Part of her aim will be to create clear priorities for Adult Social Care and to build on the brilliant work currently being done by teams across the organisation by ensuring they have the tools they need to provide high quality care.

Also important to Maggie is learning from the people who require social care, what are their strengths and how can we learn from them to improve our services? What is important to the people of Salford and what do they think the future of social care will be? This will involve engaging with people in our community and reframing conversations to get the most out of every interaction.

“Adult Social Care is a relatively new service to the Salford Care Organisation, after previously being connected with the council. I want to raise the profile of our teams and ensure that we are more connected across the organisation as social care is an important element to the health and care of many of our patients.

In fact, let’s start today, in honour of World Adult Social Care Day, I want to celebrate the great working being done by our colleagues in Adult Social Care and the collaboration between services across health and care to improve outcomes for people. Most importantly, I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication into the care and support of adults across Salford.”

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