Leanne praises specialist team for life-changing stroke care

31 May 2024

To wrap up Stroke Awareness month, we spoke to a patient about her experience with stroke and how the team at Salford helped through this challenging part in her life.

Leanne, a vibrant and energetic 39-year-old, was the picture of health and vitality. As the captain of a local netball team and a regular at the gym, she was known for her outgoing personality and dedication to fitness. That fateful evening, they had just entered their local pub for their tea with family and friends, when everything changed.

Leanne suffered a haemorrhagic stroke. Panic and confusion ensued, but her loved ones acted swiftly, rushing her to the local hospital. The medical team recognised the severity of her condition and immediately transferred her to the stroke-specialised ward at Salford Royal Hospital.

There, Leanne was admitted to the hyper acute ward before being moved to the intensive care unit (ICU), where she was placed into an induced coma and eventually required surgery. The next four weeks at Salford were a blur for Leanne, filled with fragmented memories and moments of consciousness. Throughout this harrowing ordeal, one NCA colleague stood out: Alison Lawson, ward manager for the hyper acute stroke unit. Leanne distinctly remembered Alison's kindness, especially the comforting moment when she helped her shower after coming back from ICU.

The journey to recovery was arduous. After her critical stay at Salford, Leanne was transferred back to her local hospital to continue her rehabilitation. She struggled with speech and language therapy, as speaking was a challenge for a long time. However, her determination never wavered. Slowly, she began to piece her life back together.

By the end of February, Leanne had started going back to the gym, determined to regain her strength and independence. She also started swimming, which proved to be immensely beneficial for her progress. Each day was a battle, but Leanne faced it with unwavering resilience, working tirelessly to relearn and reclaim her abilities.

Leanne's gratitude towards the medical team at Salford Royal Hospital is boundless. Their expertise and care not only saved her life, but also laid the foundation for her ongoing recovery. She continues to push herself, driven by the desire to return to her former self and grateful for the support that helped her through such a challenging time.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that works in stroke care at Salford, and particularly, to Alison. I will never forget her kindness during the most difficult time of my life.”

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