Meet one of our International Nurses

11 May 2023

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The Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust (NCA) is proud to have a diverse workforce, and this includes our community of international nurses that are employed across the Trust.

We asked one of our international nurses about their journey to join the NHS.

Mohammad Asif Gagguturi came to the UK in 2019 and was placed at the Acute Medical Unit at The Royal Oldham Hospital where he now works as a theatre practitioner. He said: “I am from South India and decided to migrate to the UK to pursue my dream of working in intensive care. I had to go through various training programmes and clear exams to prove myself and was really pleased when I got the job. 

“I am very proud of the achievements I have gained working in my role at The Royal Oldham Hospital. I have been recognised for serving as advocate communicating with patients and families regarding organ donations. I have also been commended for providing an outstanding level of care in services and implementing clinical skills to help my professional journey.

“I have now been in this country for nearly 4 years and although I have faced difficulties, I have really enjoyed my time as an overseas nurse. I hope my experiences and those of all overseas nurses are valued.”



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