NCA Associate Non-Executive Director Dr Faye Bruce appointed as one of the Deputy Lieutenants of Greater Manchester county

2 August 2021

Dr Bruce joined the NCA after it established two Associate Non-Executive positions, as part of the Board’s succession planning arrangements and as a developmental initiative. Dr Bruce – along with fellow Associate Non-Executive Director Aziz Rashid - shadow the organisation’s statutory Non-Executive Directors, including at Board meetings where they are encouraged to actively contribute as non-voting attendees. 

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Dr Faye Bruce

She was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant by the Lord-Lieutenant to be the “eyes and ears”, working closely with their respective local authorities, voluntary agencies and other organisations. They are a valuable resource to local and voluntary organisations, advising and assisting them to fulfil their ambitions.

Dr Bruce said: “It is such an honour to be appointed as one of the Deputy Lieutenants (DL) of Greater Manchester county. I am delighted that the Lieutenancy  provides opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to represent the Lord-Lieutenant and assist him in his duty of representing Her Majesty the Queen across Greater Manchester. I look forward to supporting and recognising the great contributions of people to public life alongside Sir Warren Smith and other DLs."

Dr Bruce is the Programme Lead for Master’s in Global Public Health at the Manchester Metropolitan University, in addition to holding a number of significant roles within the community. This includes as the Chair of the Caribbean & African Health Network (CAHN), a national organisation formed in 2017 with an ambition to eradicate health inequalities within a generation for Black people.

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