New end of life co-ordination centre ensures that Oldham patients receive a good end of life experience

14 June 2022

A new Community Specialist Palliative and End-of-Life Coordination Centre has been launched in Oldham to help ensure that palliative care patients receive a good end-of-life experience.

The new Community Specialist Palliative Care Coordination Centre is helping patients and their families to receive an improved end-of-life experience by providing a single point of contact for any palliative or end-of-life enquiries.

The centre deals with a whole range of enquiries including requests for medication reviews, advance care planning and conversations about the patient’s preferred place or care or death. The team also provide rapid response palliative care visits to patients to assess their needs and are responsible for referring patients onto more appropriate services for advice on support, depending on their needs and wishes.

By providing a responsive community service, the new coordination centre is also helping patients to avoid having to call 999 in times of crisis and them having to go into hospital to receive palliative or end of life care. Patients are now empowered to choose how and where they are cared for in their final days and this ensures that patients and their families in Oldham now receive a better end of life experience.

For more information on the new Community Specialist Palliative and End-of-Life Coordination Centre in Oldham, please contact Rebecca Green at:

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