New equipment cuts patient waiting times

8 May 2024

The Royal Oldham Hospital is the first in the UK to receive the latest in interventional radiology equipment helping to speed up waiting times for patients. 

The upgraded equipment will see the replacement of floor mounted equipment to a ceiling mounted system giving clinicians more options for the types of procedures they can provide allowing them to deliver even more lifesaving care for patients.  

Interventional radiology performs a range of treatments including limb saving procedures, health problems relating to arteries and blood vessels as well as liver biopsies, drainages and the shrinkage of non-cancerous tumours.   

In addition, the new equipment will mean less reliance on high in demand CT scanners, due to the improved image quality, and will help reduce waiting times for treatment as more can be done with the new technology. 

Helena Hill, Interventional Radiology and Fluoroscopy Manager at The Royal Oldham Hospital, said: “The new equipment will make a huge difference to the image quality enabling us to do more and will help to reduce waiting times for urgently needed biopsies.  

“The new technology will support greater accuracy and clinical confidence in biopsies and complex procedures that we undertake.”  

Andrew Stallard, Chief Officer Diagnostics and Pharmacy at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Royal Oldham Hospital, added: “We are delighted to be the first Trust in the UK to receive this innovative equipment that will transform the services our interventional radiology colleagues are able to offer.  Not only will they be able to deliver more scans and procedures, but it will also support our efforts to reduce waiting times for our patients.” 

The ARTIS icono ceiling mounted Interventional Image Intensifier is provided by Siemens Healthineers.  

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Royal Oldham Hospital Radiology colleagues 

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