NHS Oversight Framework – Change to the NCA’s segment

21 March 2023

NHS England has informed the NCA that it will move to segment three of its provider performance regime. This decision was expected and is linked to the recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) report which requires improvement, and national backlog recovery requirements relating to patients waiting longer than 78 weeks.

Segment three means that the Trust has already been able to access support and resources which will assist in reducing waiting lists and speeding up the response to CQC requirements.

Dr Owen Williams, NCA Chief Executive, said: “Anything that can add to the pace of improvement for our patients and assist in the wellbeing of colleagues is welcomed. Over the last several months, through strong clinical leadership, our colleagues have really got a hold of our waiting lists.

“Our patients are really starting to feel the benefits of this work which is good news and even though we still have some way to go, we are receiving positive patient feedback which plays its part in helping with morale and the wellbeing of colleagues overall.”

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