Oldham decorate a tree to mark Stoptober

12 October 2022

Stoptober is the government campaign that encourages people to become smoke free for the month of October.  This Stoptober, colleagues and visitors to The Royal Oldham Hospital are being invited to join the hospital’s ‘Green Ribbon Promise.’   

For the month of October, a tree on the hospital grounds has been decorated with green ribbons representing colleagues, patients and visitors who promise to keep the hospital smoke free. Green ribbons, that can be pinned to yourself, are being given to visitors to the ‘Stoptober’ information stands.   

To mark the month, a tree donated by Your Health Oldham, was planted at the entrance of the hospital and decorated with green ribbons by volunteers. Karen Coverley, director of nursing at Oldham Care Organisation attended the special tree planting event.  

To find out more how you can be smoke free, visit the NHS website

Read Debbie’s story and how being smoke free has changed her life. 

Debbie smoked for 45 years and started when she was 14.  At the age of 60 she was admitted into hospital as she was struggling to breathe. It was the first time she had ever been in hospital for anything other than childbirth, or planned surgery, as she has always been incredibly healthy. She was in hospital for 10 days and approached by the CURE team with advice and support on how she can stop smoking. 

Debbie has now been smoke free since 2022 and is enjoying many benefits. She can now talk in full sentences without getting breathless, has lots more energy and food is tasting much better. When asked what advice she has for anyone wanting to try and quit smoking she said: “Don’t ever give up on giving up because you are better than that. Just try, nobody will have a go if you relapse. Every cigarette I don’t have is an achievement. It’s about loving yourself again, you can do this and your worth it. I feel good that I’ve stopped and there is still hope now.  

“All I would say to anybody is that you can do it if I did. For me those cigarettes were my baby. Have trust in yourself because you can do this, it’s extremely hard but doable and I am evidence of that."

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