Children's Neuromuscular Specialists - Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale (HMR) Community

We provide community based care for children (and adults) with a neuromuscular condition.

There are over 60 different neuromuscular conditions, which can vary in severity. People can be born with a condition, or it can develop later life; often it can be progressive (become worse over time).

People who have a neuromuscular condition may be mobile but struggle with longer distances due to tiredness. Other people may depend fully on a power chair to move about and may have very little upper limb function. Some people may also require respiratory (breathing) support.

Our service includes:

  • A Neuromuscular Care Advisor who co-ordinates the various services people may need. This could include housing, social care, occupational therapy, education, work, benefits and palliative care; along with emotional and practical support
  • A Neuromuscular Physiotherapist who provides support for physical and respiratory difficulties and enables people to be more independent

The types of support we provide includes:

  • Physical: This may involve postural management or providing walking or standing aids
  • Respiratory: This may involve developing chest management programmes and supporting people to keep their chest clear
  • Independence: This may involve joint assessments with other professionals to look at what can best support the individual to be independent. This could include the most appropriate power chair controls to meet their needs or orthotics (splints) to help improve their walking

We are part of the Children’s Acute and Ongoing Needs Service (CAONS), which launched in September 2016. 

The CAONS includes a number of specialisms for children and young people.

The address provided below is a central hub for all CAONS specialisms, however we provide services in people’s homes and community-based venues.

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