Occupational Therapy - Salford Royal

Occupational Therapists assess and treat patients with a wide range of conditions including orthopaedic, neurological and elderly/medical conditions. The aim is to help restore or maintain function to patients who have had an illness or surgery and help them achieve the most appropriate, timely and safe discharge solution for that patient. Equipment and or splints may be issued if appropriate.

Occupational Therapists assess and treat patients in a holistic manner and this will often involve communication with other members of the MDT team to ensure that the patient achieves their goal of maximising their independence.

This service offers:

  • Assessments of activities of daily living and cognition

  • Rehabilitation programmes to promote independence

  • Provision of small aids and adaptations

  • Ordering equipment and home adaptatons to facilitate timely discharge.

  • Splinting and bracing procedures 

Inpatients can be referred by any clinician within the hospital via the EPR system.

Outpatients (orthopaedic hands/rheumatology/cardiac rehab/respiratory) are referred via GP’s and clinicians.

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