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Community paediatrics is one of 17 paediatric subspecialties providing secondary paediatric care, predominately in out of hospital settings where children are usually seen in their communities, in venues closer to home.

Community paediatricians have broad paediatric and child health skills, with specialist skills in the care of vulnerable children, children with long term conditions, including those with neuro-developmental disorders and disabilities, and child public health.

Community paediatrics is a specialist area, working with children with complex needs rather than acutely unwell children with common paediatric illnesses. 

A community paediatric assessment provides an holistic assessment, across all concerns, considering the impact of the child’s difficulties both at home for the family, and in education and their wider social world. The service provides assessment, diagnosis, management and in some cases long term oversight of the most complex children.  The aim is to identify difficulties early, treat effectively and monitor carefully to prevent any secondary morbidity. This is done through outpatient clinic consultations and through liaison and working with colleagues both in health and wider partners in education and social care. Multiagency working is key to success for children with complex needs, and locality working enables links with partners in education and social care and participation in MDT meetings.  

Children who have been acutely unwell children or present with common paediatric symptoms or illnesses and require secondary paediatric care are seen in the general paediatric clinics.  

Community Paediatric Outpatient clinics are held at Pendleton Gateway, Swinton Gateway, Walkden Gateway, Eccles Gateway and Irlam Medical Centre. 

These clinics are for the assessment and management of children with: 

  • Long term conditions such as epilepsy or genetic conditions such as Downs Syndrome 

  • Neuro-developmental disorders  - such as developmental delay, language disorders, Developmental   Co-ordination Disorder, Autism, 

  • Associated developmental behavioural difficulties e.g. with sleep, eating and continence  

  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties presenting with challenging behaviours where our role is to determine any underlying conditions that are causing children to behave in certain ways e.g. ACEs, ADHD or attachment difficulties 

  • Hearing Impairment for aetiological assessment and other audio-vestibular problems such as tinnitus. 

Additional Specialist Clinics are held at Pendleton Gateway for children:  

  • With Complex physical needs – these clinics are held jointly with paediatric therapists. 

  • With Special educational needs and disability (SEND) where medical advice has been requested for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)  

  • Who are vulnerable - including safeguarding assessments where there is a child protection concern, clinics to assess the health of children who are looked after or in the process of being adopted. 

Clinics for Children with Long term Conditions are held at Pendleton Gateway, these are part of our services for children with: 

  • Asthma  

  • Epilepsy  

  • Diabetes  

General Medical Paediatric Outpatient clinics are held at Pendleton Gateway, Walkden Gateway and Eccles Gateway. These are for children: 

  • With non- urgent acute paediatric conditions.  e.g. cough, abdominal pain, reflux,  failure to thrive, milk allergy, headaches, migraines, recurrent UTI, bowel problems, fits, faints and funny turns not likely to be epilepsy,  delayed or precocious puberty, short or tall stature,  iron deficiency etc. 

  • Who require follow up following an acute illness / presentation at the Panda unit 

The clinics are held in child friendly environments. There are a small number of toys available in the waiting area but you may wish to bring an activity to keep your child occupied whilst they are waiting for the appointment.  All children are weighed and measured before they see the doctor or specialist nurse.  

Please bring any medication that your child is taking to the appointment. 

If you wish to discuss anything with the doctor on your own rather than with your child, please speak with the Health Care Assistant when your child is being measured so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Older children will also be offered the opportunity to speak with the doctors on their own. 

  • Pendleton Gateway
    1 Broadwalk
    Greater Manchester
    M6 5FX
  • Swinton Gateway
    100 Chorley Road
    M27 6BP
  • Walkden Gateway
    2 Smith Street
    M28 3EZ
  • Eccles Gateway
    28 Barton Lane
    M30 0TU
  • Irlam Medical Centre
    Macdonald Road
    Greater Manchester
    M44 5LH

Referrals into the service are accepted from other professionals including from health, education and social care. 

GP referrals are made through the NHS e referral service, more specific referral guidance is also available on this site.  

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