The Procurement Department work across the whole of the Northern Care Alliance Group and consists of 67 members of staff split across three teams:

  1. Strategic Sourcing
  2. Supply Chain
  3. Purchase to Pay

The department has an annual savings target of £4.2 million against a non-pay expenditure of £665 million. They were one of the first NHS Procurement Departments in the country to achieve the Level 2 NHS Procurement Standards as set by the Department of Health.

Procurement are responsible for ensuring that non-pay expenditure is spent wisely, achieves best value, contributes to improved patient care and is spent in accordance with public sector rules and regulations. Along with this they provide a full goods top up service to wards and departments, maintain the NCA’s eProcurement system and offer related training and support to staff.

Level 3, Turnpike House, Salford, M50 1SY

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