Community Care trial electric vehicles for nurses

22 March 2023

The Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust (NCA) have been trialling the use of electric vehicles (EV’s) for community nurses in Oldham.

In a typical day a community nurse can drive up to 30 to 50 miles a day, 5 days a week when visiting patients.  With the cost of living being top of mind for many, specifically those who use a car as part of their job, many will have concerns around the cost of the fuel and wear and tear on their vehicles. In addition, there are concerns over the impact that driving has on the environment.

Amy Barrett, Community Nurse, who is also a champion for the NCA Electric Vehicle scheme said: “Getting out to visit our patients in their home is a key part of our role and this involves a lot of driving around the community. This new electric vehicle scheme can really help to reduce the financial burden of using my own vehicle.

“So far, I have really enjoyed the switch to electric and playing my part in being net zero.”

Currently the NCA have been commissioned with three electric vehicles to lease, with one already in use at their Horton House site in St Mary’s ward, Oldham.

Paula Baker, Divisional Managing Director Adult Community Services added: “Our nurses have embraced the use of EV’s in the community with the trial proving to be a huge success. The scheme reduces the need for colleagues to use their own vehicles and reduces their mileage costs making working in the community a more attractive proposition.”  

The introduction of EV’s is part of the NCA’s sustainable futures strategy and will see more vehicles being introduced for the community team in the coming months. 


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