Community help for Bury patients with Long COVID

7 November 2022

People suffering with Long COVID, also known as Post-COVID Syndrome (PCS), can now be referred by their GP to an assessment service in Bury.

The PCS assessment clinic helps patients suffering from the effects of Long COVID, which are significantly impacting their ability to function in day-to-day life.

NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care (Bury) works in partnership with Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust on the Bury-based service and sees Long COVID patients at a range of community locations.

If patients suspect they have Long COVID – and have had symptoms for at least four weeks – they should contact their GP who will assess them and if suitable, will refer them onto the PCS team.

This vital service was launched following emerging evidence that a number of people who contract COVID-19 may struggle to shake off effects of the virus months after initially falling ill.

The service accepts referrals for patients of all ages who have been struggling with their symptoms typically for at least four weeks after contracting COVID.

Symptoms of Post-COVID Syndrome can include fatigue, breathlessness, anxiety, depression, joint or muscle pain and chest pains.

The PCS assessment service is an expert team of professionals who will first contact the patient and establish their condition before providing the treatment and/or support needed to to aid their recovery.

Dr Sarah Clarke, Respiratory Consultant, Fairfield General Hospital said: “We know it is vital that people with Long COVID get the support they need and GPs can now refer patients with a diagnosis of Post-COVID Syndrome to this service where they will receive a specialised assessment. If the effects of a COVID infection last for more than four weeks, I would urge patients to contact their GP practice.”

Patients with ongoing medical needs or other complications may have their referrals discussed in a specialist multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) assessment clinic.

Anyone experiencing the symptoms of Long COVID can visit for more information and if symptoms persist, should contact their GP.

For more information on Long COVID, visit the NHS website:



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