Giving back to those in need, two Northern Care Alliance consultants share their story

8 March 2023

“Life does not mean to just live for yourself, life means to share happiness and wisdom with others. When you share happiness with others you find peace and happiness within yourself,” Dr Mohammad Iqbal.

Dr Mohammad Iqbal, Consultant Neuro-Otologist and Dr Tim Clayton, Consultant Dermatologist at Salford Care Organisation part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust (NCA) have been working together to support those in need.

Through the charity Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of the United Kingdom Foundation (APPSUK) founded by Dr Iqbal, the two consultants provide much needed clinical advice, guidance, and support for young people in both Pakistan and the UK.

“We have 31 different projects in the charity, and many of these projects are geared toward orphan, homeless and vulnerable boys and girls. Not only do we have projects in Pakistan, but we also have projects here in the UK,” said Dr Iqbal.

All proceeds from the charity go directly to the people they help as all the admin is done by Dr Iqbal and volunteers. One of the aspects of their work is supporting people in need to get the medical help they need including cataracts surgery, prothesis support, mobile health care and dermatology guidance.

“Mohammad will email me or Whatsapp me with information on patients with various skin conditions, I will then provide him with advice and suggestions for treatment and he will relay that back to the team of doctors and physicians in Pakistan so they can help the patient,” explains Dr Clayton.

One recent case the consultants worked together on was helping a young man who is homeless in Pakistan. He was suffering from a complex skin condition that caused ulcers and inflamed skin on his legs.

Dr Clayton recalls, “Had I seen this patient in the UK in A&E, I would have had him admitted so we could administer antibiotics and other treatments.

“So, I gave the advice that I could, based on the information I was given and was very relieved to find out that he’s done quite well and seen an improvement of about 70% over just a few weeks.”

The doctors collaborate on four to five cases a month together, providing medication and care advice to people in need. In addition, Dr Iqbal dedicates his evenings and weekends to running the charity and makes a trip to Pakistan once a year to check in on the charity’s programmes. In his spare time, Dr Clayton also lends a hand to people in the Jewish community in Prestwich who need his treatment advice.

Both Dr Clayton and Dr Iqbal not only see their charity work as beneficial to the people they help, but also as something that helps them feel more fulfilled.

Dr Iqbal had this to say about their efforts, “My aim is to help as many people as I can, especially those that are disadvantaged such as orphans and vulnerable young people. I feel that by sharing our good work, we can in return have happiness. Good deeds travel in circles, and they will come back to us, and our children.”

For more information about the APPSUK: APPSUK Foundation | Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of the United Kingdom Foundation.

Watch as Dr Iqbal and Dr Clayton discuss their work:

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