International Nurses Day - Meet some incredible Rochdale nurses

12 May 2023

Sammy Sadler.jpg

Say hello to some incredible Rochdale nurses this International Nurses Day (May 12).

Rochdale Care Organisation is joining in the celebrations with some special events to say thank you to all its nurses.

They have been treated to cake and special chocolate goody bags on the wards, and cupcakes and biscuits were sent to those working in the community. The hospital entrance was decorated with balloons/banners.  

Patricia Hughes, Interim Director of Nursing at Rochdale Care Organisation, said:  

“I would like to wish all our nurses at Rochdale Care Organisation a very happy Nurses Day on behalf of the Rochdale Care Organisation board. I am very proud to have been your director for an interim period and have seen first-hand the fantastic work you do, day in, day out, caring for our patients, and I know you all work incredibly hard. I hope you get chance to enjoy the celebrations.” 

More than 500 nurses work as part of the NCA family at Rochdale Care Organisation.   

We asked some of those nurses what they love about nursing, and you can read some of the extracts below. 

Sammy-Jo Sadler, Paediatric Neurodevelopment Specialist Nurse, Community Paediatrics (main picture above)

“A good chunk of my role involves just playing with kids! I get to meet and have fun with these lovely little personalities, blow bubbles, play with dolls and make play dough cakes...what a job to have!” 

Linda Falconer.jpg

Linda Falconer, Nurse / Practice Trainer, Theatres 

“From being a young child, I always wanted to be a nurse. I watched all the hospital shows on TV (black and white at that time), and I used to dress up as a nurse.”

Tom Harrison.jpg

Tom Harrison, Specialist Practitioner District Nurse 

“I came upon a job as a Healthcare Assistant by chance, and after enjoying that for a couple of years I decided to study to become a nurse. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made!” 

Hayley Pover.jpg

Hayley Pover, Lead Nurse - Rheumatology 

“I love seeing the difference you make to the patients, even when it’s a small thing, but it makes a massive difference for the patient. I love to see them happy and thankful.” 

Victoria Ingle 2.jpg

Victoria Ingle, Team Lead for the HMR Enhanced Respiratory and Heart Failure Team 

“We care for COPD patients in the community, but every day is different! I learn something new every day. Our patients feel supported and safe in our care.” 

Yolanda Farrell 2.jpg

Yolanda Farrell, HMR Enhanced Respiratory and Heart Failure Team 

“My great grandma told me I was going to be a nurse one day, it always stuck with me. She said she saw the right qualities in me!” 

Sue Fildes, Rheumatology Nurse Specialist 

“I’ve been nursing for 44 years! My mum and auntie both had long careers as nurses, and I enjoyed going out with my mum when I was on school holidays!” 

Natalie Griffin, Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner, HMR Enhanced Respiratory and Heart Failure Service 

“I became a nurse to make a difference in people’s lives. I can’t imagine ever doing anything else.  Saving lives and providing comfort and support at the end of life is the most rewarding role.” 

Hannah Draper-Ord, Senior School Nurse 

“I developed an interest in nursing after looking after my Dad for 10 years who had a complex medical condition. I wanted to be able to provide care to other people and families going through similar experiences.”

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