Marking the Frontrunner programme’s success so far

1 February 2024

This month we are marking the great work of our colleagues – as well as that of mental health, adult social care and voluntary teams across our four localities – who have been involved in the discharge integration frontrunner programme.  

Known by many simply as ‘Frontrunner’, the initiative has seen health and social care professionals work together to create and test new ideas to either get people over-65 home sooner from hospital, or provide better emergency care for those living with dementia. 

One NHS England director called the work “mind-blowing” and the Department of Health and Social Care is discussing how some of its ideas could be implemented nationally.  

We are naming this month ‘Frontrunner February’ and will be updating you on the NCA LinkedIn and X platforms about what has been happening, as well as highlighting the latest results.  

Programme director, Lindsey Darley, said: “I’m very proud of all the health and social care teams who have used their expertise to grasp this opportunity and design changes which are massively improving the way we care for people, as well as supporting under pressure systems.” 

Read more about the Frontrunner programme.

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