Marking Windrush Day, celebrating diversity in the NHS's past and present

22 June 2022

To mark Windrush Day we want to recognise all our NHS colleagues connected to the Windrush's arrival to the UK 74 years ago. From the first generation to future generations — thank you for your invaluable contribution to the NHS.

Chris Mayer CBE, Interim Chair, NCA, said: “As we remember the important anniversary of the arrival of The Empire Windrush, I would like to take this moment to say a huge thank you to those of the Windrush Generation for the incredible contribution they have made to the success of our NHS. Thank you for your courage and determination in starting a new life and of course thank you for your dedication, skills and expertise that helped shape our NHS. “We are grateful to you and of course all our colleagues from around the world that has created a rich diverse and highly skilled NHS family. Windrush Day is a good time to reflect upon the important and invaluable contributions made by this generation but also its right for us to pause and reflect upon the fact that we all have a role to play in celebrating our different cultures, being aware of the injustices that are still experienced today by our friends and colleagues, and importantly, stand up and challenge racism.”

Agnes Leopold-James, Chair - Salford Care Organisation BAME Staff Network, said: “Windrush day is celebrated yearly in remembrance of the arrival of nearly one thousand people who arrived in the UK from the Caribbean in 1942. Many of the passengers came to work for the NHS and are part of our NHS history. I applaud those nurses who came before me - your legacy is my history. Let’s celebrate as we commemorate them for their bravery and the contributions they have made to the NHS.”

Dr Faye Bruce, Non-Executive Director (Associate), NCA, said: “Today we recognise, celebrate and commemorate 74 years of contribution from the Windrush generation. Black people were invited here to help rebuild Britain after World War Two and during this time helped to established with their existing skills the NHS that many people love and cherish today. Let us reflect on this generation’s contribution and celebrate them, not just today but beyond.”CAHN is hosting its annual Windrush Day Event face-to-face this year at Alexandra Park, Manchester on Saturday 25 June. Find out more on their website.

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