Putting Carers on the Map - Caring with Kindness

7 June 2024

It is National Carers Week (10 –16 June) and we are putting the spotlight on the incredible work of both our NHS carers and those individuals who take on the role of patient carer to a loved one.    

Meet Julie who works at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust (NCA) and recently cared for a family member during a long stay in hospital.  She said: “Supporting a loved one with basic personal care, communication needs, decision making, eating, and drinking whilst watching over their own safety when they remained in a confused and agitated state was exhausting, stressful and impacted heavily on my own health and wellbeing.”  

Caring responsibilities can have a huge impact on a carer’s life and is often done in addition to them managing a full-time job whilst having parental duties. The demand and pressure on carers is recognised with the Trust being committed to protecting the wellbeing of patient carers.    

Trudy Taylor, head of patient/service user experience said: “Carers are faced with many challenges, and we are developing our promise to help them through this very difficult time. We understand the importance of regularly checking up on our patient carers and ask how they are doing, utilising their expert knowledge of the patient, and involving them in developing a care plan.”  

Julie, NCA colleague and patient carer added: “Small acts of kindness towards carers can make a huge difference. Saying a simple thank-you or having a conversation to help alleviate any anxieties can go a long way.”  

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