Trust Chairman, Professor Eileen Fairhurst to step down in October

10 July 2024

Professor Eileen Fairhurst is stepping down as the Chairman of Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust in October. During her time as Chairman, Eileen has delivered new governance arrangements and played a key role in the reduction of the Trust’s patient treatment backlog.

Eileen joined NCA in October 2022 and is well known and hugely respected amongst NHS colleagues and other public sector organisations nationally, across the northwest region and Greater Manchester. 

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Professor Eileen Fairhurst

Joining the Trust as a Well Led Self-Assessment flagged the need to improve governance arrangements, Eileen has made significant changes to the governance structure and improved key processes in her role as Chairman. She has since gone on to recruit several new non-executive directors and revamp to way the Trust operates its committees and conducts its business at board level.

As well as a keen focus on excellent governance, Eileen has also worked with the Council of Governors to help them to understand system changes that affect the Trust’s constitution and their statutory duties. Issues around health equity and social justice will remain close to her heart and something she will continue to work on in the future. 

Often seen out and about meeting with colleagues and patients, Eileen has met many people during her time with the Trust and she reflected on this recently when announcing her decision to step down, to the board of directors. She said: “I have met many wonderful and dedicated colleagues over the past two years, and I have spoken to lots of patients who rely on their hard work every day to receive the care and attention they need to get better.” 

Eileen has a keen passion for seeking health equity for all and has contributed significantly towards the Trust’s mission Saving Lives Improving Lives during her tenure, as well as working closely with our many partners to raise awareness of health equity across Greater Manchester.  

She added: “I am very proud to have had the opportunity to be Chairman of NCA and to be part of an incredible team who work tirelessly every day to make sure health equity and care is available to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. They do all of this to save the lives and improve the lives of our patients, despite the many challenges they face including a very difficult financial position.”

NCA Council of Governors deputy lead governor, John Rodgers said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with Eileen and recognise the significant contribution she has made, particularly through her leadership of the Council of Governors. I speak on behalf of my governor colleagues when I wish her all the very best for the future.” 

NCA Chief Executive Officer, Owen Williams, said: “It’s been a pleasure to work with Eileen over the past two years and see the positive influence she’s had on our work at every level of the organisation. I would like to thank her for the valued contribution she has made and for the support she has given to me and other executive colleagues. We all wish her well for the future.”
Plans are being made to begin a search for Eileen’s successor.

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