Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service - Bury Community

The paediatric Occupational Therapy team provides assessment, treatment and support to children and young people who have neurological or developmental conditions.

We provide assessments and treatment at Bury Living Well Centre and several local schools, nurseries and homes.

We accept referrals for children up to the age of 18 years, who are registered with a GP in Bury. This support is available up to 19 yours old for children attending Elms Bank Special School.

Our Occupational Therapists have additional specialist knowledge and clinical skills to enable safe and effective assessment and treatment of babies, children and young people.

We treat a wide range of conditions including developmental delay, developmental coordination disorder/dyspraxia, neurological and neuromuscular in differing environments. We use a variety of assessment techniques and provide treatment advice to homes and schools.

We assess for and prescribe specialist equipment for use at home and/or in an educational setting. This includes seating, beds, sleep systems, hand splints, bathing and toileting equipment for under 5 years of age

We liase with our colleagues in Disability Services who assess for minor and major home adaptations, they also provide bathing and toileting equipment for over 5 years of age.

We work with the child, parent’s, carers and a wide range of other professionals to maximise a child’s functional skills and independence. We work towards maximising independence in daily living skills such as feeding and dressing and self-care.

For children and young people with special educational needs and disability we are involved in education, health and care assessments, which are based around the child and young person’s needs and aspirations.

If you have any general queries, please contact us on 0161 2060668.

Please send all referrals to the Bury community-based adult and paediatric Occupational Therapy services to the Bury Single Point of Access:

We accept self-referrals, consultant, GP, AHPs, schools, health visitors, school nursing, Educational Psychology.

If you have any questions about a referral you have sent, please phone 0300 323 3316 (option 2, then option 5).

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