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The Childrens 0-19 Universal Health Service works with all children aged 0-19 years who live or attend a school in Salford, providing expert health information, advice, support, and assessments and interventions based on the Healthy Child Programme for babies, children, and young people and their parents and carers. Health Visitors and School Nurses lead on the Healthy Child Programme and are supported by a skill mix of Targeted Nurses working with school age children, Community Staff Nurses, Nursery Nurses and School Health Assistants.

We work alongside other agencies to support children and young people with additional needs, disabilities, long term illnesses that may need extra support. We can make referrals to other specialist services to support children and young people.  

The Childrens 0-19 Universal Health Service Teams offer a wide range of services and support. 
Community offer
•    Healthy Child Clinics for babies and children 0-19 years held across Salford providing health advice and support on
•    Crying babies
•    Behaviour
•    Diet
•    Growth concerns
•    Toileting/Continence
•    Infant feeding/Breast feeding
•    Heathy relationships
•    Immunisation 
•    Emotional health and wellbeing
•    Coping with minor illnesses (including prescriptions for common childhood ailments- such as thrust, nappy rash and dry skin)
•    Sleep

Universal Offer
•    0-19 Childrens Service operate a duty telephone line which can be accessed Monday to Friday 9-5pm by parents/carers for advice and support about their child. You will be able to talk to a qualified member of the team which will usually be a Health Visitor or a School. This can be accessed by calling the relevant team telephone number below for your area.

•    Health Visiting Team supported by the 0-19 Skill mix team support and guide you through the early years of your parenting journey and help you develop a close and loving relationship with your child. All new parents and babies will have a named Health Visitor who will be responsible for ensuring your child receives development checks and advice about issues such as parenting and immunisation. The Universal Healthy Child programme contacts include the antenatal, primary (before your baby is 14 days old), 6-8-week, 9-12 month and 2-2 ½ year.

•    School Nurses supported the 0-19 skill mix team see children and young people aged 5-19, that attend Salford schools or are home educated and resident in Salford. We also provide advice to schools, parents, and carers about a range of physical and mental/emotional health wellbeing related issues. 

•    School Nurses offer a confidential drop in for young people attending high schools providing health advice, signposting, and support on a range of areas such as healthy lifestyles, drug and alcohol, diet and exercise, immunisations, healthy relationships, and emotional health support.

•    School nurses lead on the delivery of immunisations for school aged children. These will be offered as per the national schedule. 

Universal Plus Offer
Families can access timely, expert advice from the health visiting team when they need it on specific issues such as: 
•    Emotional support including listening visits 
•    Sleep 
•    Behaviour support
•    Infant Feeding support- link to infant feeding website 
•    Diet including Infant first foods and fussy eating 
•    Toileting including potty training
•    Safety
•    Speech/development review
•    Common Childhood Illness- your Health visiting team may run a Minor illness course where you will be able to learn how to manage your child`s minor illness and where to get additional support if needed contact your 0-19 team to find out more.

•    School nurses offer additional advice and support to parents and schools around a range of childhood health and development concerns. Some of the common reasons for referrals include concerns around toileting, sleep, behaviour, weight, emotional health, or development.

•    Screening and Growth - The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is a Public Health England initiative, which aims to generate a population level picture of growth for reception and year 6 children. Every year our service measures the height and weight of school children in reception and year 6, giving feedback to parents and reporting to the Department of Health. Parents will receive a letter providing them with information about the NCMP at the start of the academic year for children in year 6 and reception. Parents will also receive the results of their child’s measurements in the post and are welcome to speak to the school nurses if they have any queries.

•    Vision and Hearing Screening- During reception and year 1 children’s hearing and vision will also be checked in school, this is provided by the Orthoptist and Audiology service. Parents will be sent a letter home with more details about this. Should you have a concern about your child’s hearing or vision you can speak to a school nurse who will be able to provide advice, support, or signpost you to appropriate services.

•    Health Promotions in Schools - School Nurses, Community Staff Nurses and School Health Assistants deliver a range of health promotion lessons in schools on topics such as handwashing, healthy eating, and puberty. 

•    Supporting Childrens Medical Needs in School - School Nurses provide training to school staff to ensure that children with complex health needs are appropriately supported in education. School Nurses can refer or signpost to other health professionals for further advice or support if needed. We also liaise with other health professionals and schools, to bridge the gap between health and education services. 
Universal Partnership Plus Offer
•    Health Visitors provide ongoing support and play a key role in bringing together relevant local services to help families with continuing complex needs, for example where a child has a long-term condition. Families with issues such as safeguarding of children, looked after children and domestic abuse will be supported under universal partnership plus. These families will also receive the same core assessments and extra support as all universal families

Information sharing 
To offer integrated, high quality services for children, we work closely with preschools, nurseries, and schools. We share information about the outcomes of assessments and the strategies recommended in order that preschools, nurseries and schools implement the same strategies on a daily basis. This will greatly help your child, but it you do not wish information to be shared you may withdraw your consent at any time.
SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability)
The Childrens 0-19 Services work families to provide the best possible healthcare, support and advice for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities. We will attend multiagency meetings that plan services for children who have developmental difficulties due to their learning, communication physical skills and abilities.
Worried about a Child? 
If you are worried about the welfare or safety of a child, it is very important that you contact Salford City Council. Bridge Partnership on 0161 603 4500 from 8.30am to 4.30pm. If you need to speak to somebody about your concern outside these hours, please call the Emergency Duty Team on 0161 794 8888.
Our Health visiting Service positively encourages feedback from families and uses a range of methods to capture and improve their experience, use the online feedback form if you wish to comment.

Children and their families are notified to the service following booking with the midwifery service / on the birth of a child or when transferring into the area or attending a school. Referrals for extra support can be made by contacting the team using the contact details. 

West 0-19 Team

0161 206 2085,


North 0-19 Team

0161 793 3875,


Central 0-19 Team

0161 206 6081,


South 0-19 Team

0161 206 3819,


East Central 0-19 Team

0161 206 1764,


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