Children’s Community Nursing Team - Oldham Community

The Children's Community Nursing Team (CCNT) are a team of qualified Children's Nurses, Assistant Practioners and Support Workers who are dedicated to providing care closer to home for children and young people, aged 0-18 years old within the Oldham area.  

The CCNT provides specialist nursing care for children and young people with short term acute, long term, complex and palliative care conditions. 

CCNT work in partnership with a variety of different services across Oldham to support children and young people to achieve positive outcomes, with the aim of reducing avoidable hospital admissions and length of stay. 

The service is available from 8am until Midnight, 7 days per week, including bank holidays.

The CCNT offer a range of care interventions and treatments, education and support for children, young people with a variety of health conditions such as*:-

  • Management of acute minor illnesses such as viral induced wheeze, chest infections, temperature, ear, nose and throat infections, gastroenteritis
  • Post operative care and support
  • Wound care
  • Management of burns and scalds
  • Management of respiratory conditions
  • Administration of Intravenous Antibiotics
  • Management of constipation
  • Management of eczema
  • Oxygen management
  • Oncology (cancer) care and support
  • Administration of Chemotherapy  
  • Epilepsy Care
  • Asthma management
  • Complex health care
  • Gastrostomy care and support
  • Nasogastric Tube feeding care and support
  • Tracheostomy care and support
  • Administration of subcutaneous and intramuscular medications such as blood thinners
  • Training provision
  • Provision of identified equipment
  • End of Life Care

*this list is not exhaustive

Children and young people may be seen by the CCNT in the home setting, at school / nursery or in a dedicated clinic. 

The service may also contact parents / carers via the telephone and provide advice and support should a face to face contact not be required. 

Oldham Integrated Care Centre 

For a referral into the service, the child / young person must live in the Oldham area, be aged 0-18 years old and have a diagnosed medical / health condition. 

Referrals to the service can be made via telephone or email and are accepted from a variety of agencies for example **: -

  • Children’s community services – Children’s Long Term Ventilation Team, Special Needs School Nurses, Community Paediatricians, SEND Team, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy,
  • Health colleagues – GP, Health Visitor, School Nurse, Practice Nurse
  • Schools and other educational provisions
  • Hospitals – Emergency Department, Paediatric Observation and Assessment Units and Consultant Paediatricians (including specialist Paediatricians),  Childrens General and Speciality Wards
  • Urgent care centres and The Digital Hub
  • Social Care Teams

** this list is not exhaustive

  • Special Needs School Nursing Team
  • Children’s Long Term Ventilation Team
  • Oldham Community Paediatric Service
  • Oldham Children’s Occupational and Physiotherapy Team
  • Oldham Additional Needs Speech and Language Therapy
  • Oldham Children’s Speech and Language Service
  • Oldham Children Social Care Teams
  • Oldham Community Children’s Nutrition and Dietetics Service

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