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We are a team of physiotherapists and assistants, based at the Integrated Care Centre, but also working across a wide variety of community settings.

We provide a physiotherapy service for children and young people with additional physical needs or a disability, from birth to 18 years old.

A physiotherapist is a qualified healthcare professional, who is trained to provide assessment and treatment, for people with physical difficulties due to injury, illness or disability.

We aim to promote independence and quality of life by providing physiotherapy assessment, treatment and advice to empower parents, carers and children to manage their physical needs in the community.

Assessment will involve the physiotherapist asking a series of questions and a then a physical examination to help us understand what is wrong and what we can do to help

Treatments are individualised for each child following the findings from the assessment, and may include:

  • Exercise programmes, which will be supervised by a physiotherapist initially, but will also need to be continued at home
  • Provision of appropriate equipment eg walking or standing frames
  • Referral to other agencies where appropriate
  • Chest physiotherapy – to help with or prevent breathing difficulties
  • Postural care and positioning advice
  • Liaison with other professional and carers to support the management of the child’s physical needs

It is essential when attending for a physiotherapy assessment or appointment, that the child is accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility.

The initial assessment appointment may take up to one hour and will usually be completed in a clinic setting in the community, but may also be completed remotely by telephone or video consultation if this is appropriate.  If you have been referred for a problem with the lower limbs, eg hip, knee or ankle pain, it would be useful to bring a pair of shorts to allow the physiotherapist to examine the affected area.

Depending on the findings of the assessment some people will require a course of treatment over a few weeks whilst others will need to be seen over a longer period.  Further appointments will be booked as needed and will usually last 30 to 45 minutes. 

If required the physiotherapist may suggest reviewing your child in a different setting, eg home, nursery or school, to ensure parents and carers are given the appropriate advice to manage your child’s physical difficulties in these settings.

Integrated Care Centre

You can be referred to the Children’s Physiotherapy Service by one of the following people

  • Your child’s GP or Consultant
  • A Physiotherapist from another hospital
  • Your Health Visitor or school nurse
  • Any Health care professional involved in your child’s care
  • SENCO – at your child’s school

Referrals are received electronically at the following email address –



The Children’s Physiotherapy team work with other Oldham Community Children’s Services, including: The Community Paediatric Service, Children’s Community Nursing Team and Children’s Therapies.

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