Continence and Stoma Service - Bury Community

We are the Bury Continence and Stoma Service and we aim to provide effective and high quality care to people who are registered with a Bury GP and are experiencing bladder and/or bowel dysfunction. 

We offer a clinical assessment and our aim is to support you by developing an appropriate treatment plan and self-management options, to improve your symptoms and quality of life and to increase your independence.

  • Stoma Care
  • Trial without Catheter
  • Incontinence
  • Constipation or Soiling
  • Toileting Issues
  • Trans anal irrigation
  • Prescription service for continent aids and products
  • Support and advice

We will contact you to offer an appointment.

At the appointment the following may happen:

  • A specialist nurse will take a history of your symptoms
  • Your medication will be reviewed
  • A simple test may be performed like a bladder scan
  • Your urine sample will be tested in clinic
  • You may be asked to complete a chart recording what you drink, how many times you go to the toilet
  • You may be examined by the specialist nurse if it is appropriate and only with your consent

Referrals are made either:

  • Via the GP
  • Hospitals
  • Urology Consultants
  • Other Health professionals
  • Self referral

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