Discharge Lounge - Fairfield Hospital [Bury]

Ward 18 Discharge Lounge is a nurse led unit comprising of a seated area and bedded bay for patients awaiting transport and medication for discharge.

Ward 18 provides a safe environment for patients discharged from wards, clinics and A&E to wait for transport and medication. 

  • Supporting wards by organising transport with North West Ambulance Service, private ambulances and hospital taxi where appropriate
  • Liaise with families, carers and residential care facilities to ensure successful discharge 
  • Work with community colleagues on projects to support safe robust discharge

The Discharge Lounge has a mixed sex seated area for patients requiring minimal assistance and single sex bedded areas for dependant patients.

Although patients are discharged from ward areas or A&E the lounge is staffed with qualified nurses and Healthcare Support Workers who will continue to provide high quality care right up until patients leave the unit.

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