Falls and Fracture Prevention Team - Oldham Community

The Oldham Falls and Fracture Prevention Service assess patients over the age of 65, who have fallen within the last 12 months and live in the Oldham area

Our aim is to identify patients who have fallen and reduce their risk of further falls by identifying risks, maximising and maintaining independence and improving confidence.

Time is spent talking to patients about their falls and how they may have affected their day-to-day life and independence.

The assessment looks at many areas, including eye sight, footwear, home hazards, function, nutrition, strength and balance. This can then help us to identify why patients are falling and we can then focus on rehab and building confidence to prevent it happening again.

The assessment will take place in the patients own environment, which could be in their own home, a residential home, or a nursing home.

We promote wellbeing through encouraging physical activity which can be achieved by a home exercise programme, the Age UK Falls exercise class or other community exercise classes.

The Link Centre
Second floor
140 Union Street 

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