Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) - Royal Oldham, Fairfield Hospital [Bury], Rochdale Infirmary

Welcome to the IBD Service – within our NCA family we have a fantastic inflammatory bowel disease service consisting of many services to help you manage your disease. IBD is a life long condition and its our job as specialists to provide you with safe, consistent, high quality personalised care.

  • IBD Flare email:  - Patients can contact the IBD Nurse team if they are experiencing symptoms of a flare
  • Face to face clinic follow up
  • Facilitation of new treatments
  • Education to newly diagnosed IBD Patients
  • High Quality Research department with multiple clinical trials involving new and novel treatment
  • Rapid access clinics
  • Rapid access Endoscopy
  • Referral to psychology services
  • Referral to Dietitian services for dietary advice
  • IBD MDT Meeting where we discuss your disease and recommend best treatment plan {virtual}
  • Virtual Biologics clinic
  • Blood monitoring
  • Commencing new treatments
  • Attendance on our main Gastroenterology ward G2 ROH
  • IBD Registry
  • Patient Panels

When visiting for the first time ensure you allow time in your journey to find a parking space and make sure you have change for the parking meters, if travelling on public transport check out bus timetables etc. You will be with us between 30mins- 1.30 mins. At your first appointment tests and investigations may be requested, you will receive a lot of information too so if you would like tobring a friend /partner or a note book and pen just to help you remember everything.

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