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The Long Covid Fatigue Psychology service supports patients living with fatigue following a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection. The team provide individualised support to manage symptoms associated with fatigue and the impact of fatigue on psychological wellbeing.

The service accepts referrals from healthcare professionals across Salford and the Greater Manchester footprint where fatigue management or the impact of fatigue on psychological wellbeing is the primary problem.

We provide a service to those:

•    Over 18
•    Who have a history or confirmed or probably COVID-19 infection
•    Registered with a GP in Greater Manchester
•    Who have been assessed by the GP or medical team regarding post-COVID symptoms and other causes for their fatigue have been ruled out
•    Who have received and tried out self-help advice or advice from their GP but are still experiencing a marked reduction in their level of activity
•    Who are struggling with both fatigue and a mental health condition e.g., depression, anxiety or psychological trauma

An estimated 2 million people living in the UK (3.1% of the population) experience long COVID (ONS January 2023) and fatigue is the most problematic symptom reported. Some other symptoms may include, but are not limited to:

  • Experiencing a marked reduction in activity
  • Being unable to work, or having to take days off sick due to fatigue
  • Not being able to socialise or partake in hobbies and leisure activities due to fatigue
  • Not being able to do housework or look after children due to fatigue
  • Spending several hours a day sleeping or resting, unable to do any activity
  • Worsening of fatigue symptoms following even minor physical or mental exertion
  • Delayed onset of fatigue typically worsening 24-48 hours after activity 

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Local Support Groups

Meet the Long Covid Fatigue Psychology service team:

DrDowling.jpgDr Hannah Dowling

Principal Clinical Psychologist – Long COVID fatigue psychology service

Dr Dowling qualified in 2014 and is currently working within the Long COVID fatigue psychology service.

She has worked across several physical health specialities including renal, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, severe asthma and complex breathlessness prior to this post.  

Her research and clinical interests include the impact of long-term health conditions on psychological wellbeing and physical health psychology. 

Her accreditations include BSc Psychology and ClinPsyD and she is Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered.

MissYounas.jpgMiss Zahra Younas

Assistant Psychologist - Long COVID, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Management and Bariatric Services

Miss Younas is an assistant psychologist working across the Long COVID, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Management and Bariatric Services within Clinical Health Psychology.

Her accreditations include BSc Hons Psychology and MSc Clinical & Health Psychology.

Our psychology led team comprises of clinical and counselling psychologists, supported by an assistant psychologist. We offer interventions tailored to your individual needs.  This may be short term individual therapy, group work or advice and consultation.

The team sit within the clinical health psychology department at Salford Royal and feed into the multidisciplinary long COVID services in Salford and across Greater Manchester. We work closely with other healthcare colleagues to make sure all aspects of your care are supported.

Initially you will be offered an assessment by one of our qualified psychologists to understand your difficulties and determine what support is best suited based on your needs. 

It may be in some instances we decide together that an onward referral to another service will be helpful initially.  This could include other services within the Long-COVID pathway, primary or secondary care mental health services, drug and alcohol services or urgent care services. 

If we decide you are best supported within our team, you may be offered individual support or a group intervention.

Common areas of work include:

•    Energy management strategies, including pacing
•    Exploring barriers to pacing
•    Managing the psychological impact of fatigue
•    Developing self-care strategies
•    Increasing quality of life

We offer face-to face, video call and telephone appointments, please discuss which format suits you best with the clinician at the time of your assessment.

Long COVID Fatigue Psychology Service
Clinical Health Psychology Department
Clinical Sciences Building
Salford Royal Hospital
Stott Lane
M6 8HD

Use this link to access directions to Salford Royal.

To be considered for a referral, please discuss with a professional involved in your care.

Referrals from professionals working within the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust can be made via an electronic order on EPR to the Long COVID Fatigue Psychology service.

External healthcare professionals can refer via letter to:

Long COVID Fatigue Psychology Service
Clinical Health Psychology Department
Clinical Sciences Building
Salford Royal
Stott Lane
M6 8HD

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