Macmillan 1-1 Support Team - Oldham Community

Our team of health professionals provide individualised, holistic support and promotion of self-management techniques to help improve the health and well-being of all adults affected by cancer. This includes family and friends of those who have been diagnosed.

This support is available from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, where the prognosis is 12 months or more.

We will offer an holistic assessment and care plan, followed by bespoke support packages based on individual needs.

We also provide emotional and psychological support, practical support and advice around symptom management, working closely with other services and signposting where appropriate. 

In addition the team provides an outreach function, bringing cancer awareness into all areas and communities within the borough, holding four health and wellbeing events in the community each year.

The Macmillan 1-1 Support Team will:

  • Offer a holistic assessment to identify their individual care needs
  • Signpost people to other services that can meet their needs and provide any support they need to access them
  • Support people’s cancer journey and provide them with the confidence and understanding to manage their own health and wellbeing

Once a referral is received by the team, they will make contact by telephone (or email if preferred), to arrange a clinic appointment in the local area. People will also be encouraged to attend Macmillan 1-1 health and wellbeing events in the community.

Email for further information. 

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