Oasis Unit - Rochdale Infirmary

The Oasis Unit is a 10 bedded medical unit specifically designed to care for patients living with dementia or a cognitive impairment. 

The unit is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides inpatient care. The unit has a dedicated nursing and medical team and we are also supported by the Mental Health Liaison Team.

Patients are referred to our unit due to being medically unwell as well as living with dementia or a cognitive impairment.  We take referrals from GP’s, A&E’s and community services, patients must be registered with a GP within Heywood, Middleton or Rochdale. We provide medical care for patients until they well enough to go home. We also have a dedicated Mental Health Liaison Team that work with us 7 days a week.

We have ten individual rooms that are all colour coordinated to aid orientation. We also have a dining room, living room, reading corner and a quiet room. 

Patients should bring in their own clothes, toiletries and medications.  

On arrival to the unit you will be welcomed by our team and shown around the unit.  

We have a full time activity coordinator who carries out daily activities as well as reminiscent time.

Oasis Unit, Rochdale Infirmary

Patients should be referred by a medical practitioner to our medical team by completing a telephone handover.

We work very closely with the Home in a Day team and the Transfer of Care Nurses to ensure timely and effective discharge planning from the day of admission.

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