Pam Woods Bereavement Centre - Salford Royal

The service performs a variety of administrative functions following the death of a patient.

The services arranges, for example, the issuing of the Medical Cause of Death Certificate and other bereavement related paperwork to the next of kin and liaises with outside agencies.

The certificate will be prepared for you as quickly as possible; this could take up to 48 hours.

If the death occurred at the weekend, then this would be the next working day.

Please nominate one family member to liaise with the Bereavement Office.

Please ring after 10:00am where a Bereavement Officer will provide you with information regarding the next steps.

Bolton Coroner’s office: 01204 338799

NCA Mortuary Services Salford Royal Hospital: 0161 206 0169

Bereavement Nurse Team, via Bereavement Office, weekend via main hospital switch number.

Spiritual Care Chaplaincy Team 0161 206 5167

Swinton Register office: 0161 793 2500

PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison Service):

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