School Nursing - Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale (HMR) Community

School nurses work with school-age children and young people up to the twentieth birthday, with the aim of ensuring they experience the very best health and wellbeing and can reach their full potential.   

We work within a skill mix team and are based in a variety of community settings. School nurses work in Integrated Locality Health Visiting and School Nursing teams. School nurses also work with the wider multi professional team across the Borough of Rochdale. 

We provide a wide range of care, advice and support including screening, immunisations, health assessments, health promotion activities, health advice and signposting, specialist support and much more. 

The school nurses can support parents, carers and educational staff to ensure their child’s health needs are being met and facilitate any training needs that have been identified. 

We can see young people on a 121 to support with emotional health and wellbeing packages of care, including support with anger issues, anxiety, stress and low mood and specific support with physical health needs for example enuresis (bedwetting). 

We offer confidential advice in a variety of settings on the request of young people and facilitate referrals to appropriate services as needed.  School nurses offer regular drop in sessions in schools, colleges and local health clinics. 

We deliver immunisation programs to ensure young people have all the recommended immunisations from Public Health England. 

We deliver bespoke training to schools to support children with specific health needs participate in normal school life, for example managing asthma  and anaphylaxis. 

We work within schools to manage public health messages, such as healthy eating, stop smoking & healthy relationships.  

We work with partner agencies to ensure a think family approach when supporting our most vulnerable children and young people.

School nurse Immunisation team

The immunisation team coordinate the delivery of Immunisations for secondary school aged children and young people across the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale borough’s. The team deliver Immunisations in schools and community clinics and can , where needed arrange to carry out a home visit.

Immunisations currently offered by the service include:

  • HPV immunisations for all children and young people in year 8.
  • Meningitis ACWY/Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio(DTP) vaccination for all year 9.
  • Immunisations are also offered to all year 9/10/11 who may have previously missed any of their routine Immunisations. This includes HPV,MMR/DTP/MENACWY.

To discuss your child/young persons Immunisations further you can contact the Immunisation team on 07512 727651.

Read further information about vaccinations and immunisations:

NHS vaccinations and when to have them

  • Educational Establishment 

  • Self Referral 

  • Health professional 

  • Social care professional 

  • GP 

Referral Portal 

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