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The Specialist School Nursing (SEN) Service are a team of qualified Children’s nurses who are dedicated to supporting children and young people, from age 4 years to 19 years who attend a special educational needs school within the Salford area.

We also support a number of children with complex physical needs who attend mainstream school via our multi-disciplinary Complex Physical Needs clinics.

The SEN school nursing teamwork with a variety of different services and agencies to support children and young people with complex health needs and disability to achieve positive outcomes and be able to access education.

Our service is offered to all children and young people who are on role at one of Salford’s specialist education facilities. Referrals from mainstream schools are received via the community paediatrician triage process.

The SEN service offers the following (this list is not exhaustive):

- Safeguarding children (including early help, child in need, child protection and children looked after)

- Training for education staff to feel confident and competent to support children with health conditions in the school setting, including but not exhaustive of:

  • Tracheostomy care and suctioning
  • Seizure management and administration of rescue medication
  • Enteral feeding and cares
  • Administration of medicines including oxygen
  • Intermittent catheterisation
  • Bespoke emergency treatments
  • Management of asthma
  • Management of diabetes
  • Stoma care
  • Anaphylaxis

- Contribution to education health and care plans (EHCP)

- Transition and preparation for adulthood

Health promotion and education

- Liaison with universal and specialist services

- Referral and signposting to other services and agencies 

Growth monitoring

- Monitoring and management of health conditions

- Support to transition back into school following periods of ill health and worsening condition

- Provision of immunisations and vaccinations

Children and young people will be seen predominantly in the school setting, however where indicated may be seen at home or in another setting.

The team are part of the wider Childrens Community Nursing service and therefore may not always be based on site at school.

Health assessments are conducted either face to face or via the telephone.

For those children and young people on the complex physical needs caseload, their clinics will be facilitated at local gateways.

Main school sites:

Springwood Primary (primary school)

Barton Road,



M27 5LL

0161 206 1776


Chatsworth High School and Community College (secondary school)

Chatsworth Road,

Ellesmere Port,


M30 9DY

0161 921 2234


Oakwood Academy(secondary school)

Chatsworth Road,

Ellesmere Port,


M30 9DY

0161 921 2234


Satellite sites also at Craighall (nursery) Summerville Hub (ASD provision for Springwood), Wentworth (part of Chatsworth school) The Deans Site (Chatsworth College provision), UTC (Oakwood 6th form) The Willows (Oakwood year 5 and 6).

For referral to the service, children or young people must attend one of the identified schools within the Salford area. All children and young people attending one of these schools will have access to the nursing service. Therefore, a formal referral is not necessary.

Referrals for children or young people into the complex physical needs clinic who do not attend a specialist provision is via the associated health professional.

Childrens Community Nursing Team

Complex Physical Needs team

Paediatric OT and PT

Learning Disability and Neurodevelopment team

Continuing Health Care Team

Speech and Language Team

Paediatric Dietetics

Children’s Social care

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