Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation Team - Salford Community

The Community Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation Team (CSNRT) specialises in providing rehabilitation for adults with stroke and neurological conditions.

This will take place either at a local clinic or in your own home, depending on your needs and goals. 

Following referral, the team will carry out an initial assessment to find out your needs and look at any goals that you want to work towards. After this assessment, a rehabilitation plan will be made to suit what you need.

You may not be seen by everyone in the team, instead who you see will depend on your goals.

The team consist of  

  • Administrative team – these will be the first people you speak to when phoning our office 

  • Physiotherapists – will support you in your ability to move and complete physical activities. They may assess your balance and your risk of falling 

  • Occupational Therapists – will assess your thinking skills and support you with activities of daily living, such as washing and dressing, driving and returning to work

  • Neuropsychologists – work with you and those important to you to assess your thinking and memory difficulties and your emotional wellbeing. They help you make sense of how these difficulties impact each other and how they impact your life. They can help you identify strategies to manage changes in yourself whilst supporting you in getting back to meaningful activities and relationships.

  • Speech and Language Therapists-  assess and advise about swallowing difficulties and provide support for communication difficulties with therapy, aids, advice for your family

  • Dietitians – provide nutritional advice to boost and improve your eating and drinking to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals

  • Nurses –support you and your family with advice and guidance about your diagnosis. This can be through basic investigations, secondary prevention advice and long term management ideas

  • Social workers – can set up packages of care if needed, help with finances and support carers.

  • Technical Instructors – provide rehabilitation together with the rest of the team, giving support to help you carry out the rehabilitation programmes set for you. 

GP, Consultant, Social Worker or any Health Professional can refer you to the team for an initial assessment.

If you have been seen by the team before, you can contact us for a review at any point in the future.

All referrals will be triaged to ascertain if we are the best service for your needs at that time. As we are a community service, this is only available to Salford residents.

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